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Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching and Walsh Middle School would like to honor our own at our Veteran’s Day Assembly on Thursday, November 8th.   

We are asking for students to send in pictures of any family members who are Veterans, including active duty.  We encourage you to send in pictures of more than one Veteran family member but please only one picture of each Veteran.  

To submit pictures, please fill out the information in the attached Google Form with the Veteran’s name, relationship to student or staff member, and the Veteran’s branch and rank.  Then, upload the picture into the Google Form along with some information about the veteran.

We look forward to paying homage to our Walsh family Veterans and we hope to see everyone at the assemblies on November 8th (see grade level schedule below).  

Walsh Middle School Veteran’s Day Assembly: Thursday, November 8th

  • 8th Grade Assembly: 2nd Period- 9:15-10:05
  • 6th Grade Assembly: 3rd Period- 10:10-11:00
  • 7th Grade Assembly: 4th Period- 11:05-11:55

If you have any questions please contact Allison Schulz at


Acceptable documentation for student absences:

  • Doctor note, parent note,
  • email, or online submission

Sign out/in logs are considered acceptable documentation ONLY for the date the sign out/in occurs.

  • If the student misses additional days please submit an acceptable form of documentation listed above for the additional dates missed.

A doctor’s note is still required for all healthcare appointments.

All documentation must be submitted to the Attendance Office within 48 hours upon the student’s return to school.

Please email your student’s teachers to request any school work missed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Attendance Specialist – Anna Davalt

  • 512-704-0803 /

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