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Walsh Fierce Teacher Award

Week of February 3rd

Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Gomes


F. – Friendly and makes learning fun!

I. – Inspiring to all he/she serves

E. – Exciting to see every day

R. – Responsive to the needs of our students

C. – Compassionate and caring

E. – Encouraging and uplifting

Week of Feb. 3rd 2020

Mrs. Stanton

Mrs. Gomes

Week of Jan. 20th 2020

Mr. Gonzalez

Mrs. Haulotte

Week of Jan. 13th 2020

Mrs. Mudd

Mrs. Caswell

Week of Jan. 6th 2020

Mrs. Gutierrez

Week of Dec. 16th 2019

Mrs. Silvestry

Mr. Linder

Week of Dec. 6th 2019

Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Sanders

Week of Nov. 18th 2019

Mrs. Dawson

Mr. Chong

Week of Nov. 11th 2019

Mrs. Branch

Mr. Douglass

Week of Nov. 4th 2019

Mrs. Uschak

Mrs. Slayton

Week of Oct 31st 2019

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Agadakos

Week of Oct 25th 2019

Mrs. Williamson

Mr. Ledgerwood

Week of Oct 7th 2019

Mr. McCusker

Mrs. Chapa

Week of Sept 30th 2019

Mrs. Bissel

Mr. Wetzel

Week of Sept 23rd 2019

Mrs. Hernandez

Mrs. Fontenette-Mitchell

Week of Sept 16th 2019

Mrs. Murray

Mrs. Zertuche

Week of Sept 9th 2019

Mr. Joyce

Mr. Bates

Week of Sept 2nd 2019

Mr. Lopez