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Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight

Our campus has amazing educators that will be featured weekly in this section. Our hope is for you to enjoy learning more about the those working closely with your child.

Joseph Bauer

Dawn Chapa

Lori Keese

Chaundra Anderson

Audra Graves

Jennifer Allen

Grace Bissell

Bryn Oliveira

Randolph Joyce

Jayson Sherman

Casandra Hernandez

Marlin Parrack

Kelley Smith

Christy Zunker

Bryan Babbs

Jennifer Bergeron

Director of Bands

Joshua Stover

Assistant Director of Bands

Alex Gonzalez

Assistant Director of Bands

Cassandra Martinez

Sharon Greenstone

Tamara Acuff

Janel Bates

Josh McCusker

This is my sixth year at Walsh. My awesome wife and I have three awesome kids, a dog that can catch footballs, a dog that barks at the one catching footballs, and two cats that don’t seem to see the point of dogs. Most of our free time is spent around swimming pools, either practices, meets, or just . All three of our kids are competitive swimmers and have been swimming since they were toddlers. My other hobbies include deadlifting, eating cookies, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes continue to be the greatest collegiate athletic program in the state of Iowa.

Aimee Spikes

Ben Sterling

Deanna Dawson

Angela Stearman

Artemis Agadakos

Rachel Zertuche

Shannon Waites

Jharna Bhatt

I am an educator who loves to inspire the students I work with and the peers I work alongside. I value building relationships with students, colleagues and community members.  Embracing challenges and new opportunities is a passion of mine and I try and instill this in my students and peers. 

Being born and raised in the culture of Bombay, India (now Mumbai) presented many challenges for me when I moved to the United States of America in 1999 with my husband.  I embraced the American lifestyle while still maintaining my heritage which I now share with my 15-year-old son, Tanish. In America, I took the opportunity to earn my Masters Degree in Middle School Math/Science from The Ohio State University in 2003 (G0 BUCKEYES!).  I have taught math in different school districts for 14 years but I have most recently enjoyed working in the same district in which my son attends, Round Rock ISD. Tanish is currently a sophomore at Round Rock High School and is a proud member of Dragon Band. 

I have overcome and faced head-on many challenges in my life.  Moving from one country to another, adapting to a completely different lifestyle, the sudden loss of my husband in 2013, and learning how to be a single parent.  I teach students that every challenge is merely an obstacle to be conquered with the opportunity to grow, learn and embrace your new-found knowledge. It is simply your mindset and determination that will assist you in these endeavors. 

Kaleong Chong

Alan Aycock

Heidi Jenkins

Jaime Wells

Cheryl Springfield

Concetta Williamson

Heather Lucas

Amber White